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XCOM Electronics sign IRIS Cab Contract.

» Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL)

AVL system is GPS based vehicle location, tracing system that is also capable of assisting in building timetables performing schedule adherence, optimization of the route network, collect operational and management information. Offer real time update in bus stop displays, internet, GSM phone etc.
          DT Track +.
          DT Track WLS.
          DT Track XL.
          DT Track mini.

» Dispatch System

XCOM Electronics provides turnkey enterprise-wide system using leading-edge technology to solve the needs of our current and future taxi customers in the region to improve service through dispatch automation and the speedier exchange of information between drivers and the dispatch centre.Our enterprise solution ranges from simple tracking systems to complex operations-wide solutions for the transport industry.

This unique combination of skills and technology ranging from emergency handling and tracking through to Customer Invoicing and Driver payment systems gives us the ability to focus on your specific needs. We understand that you must provide the best possible service to both your passengers and drivers. Only through the proper integration of many and varied technologies, can a taxi system increase the efficiency, reduce costs and improve on passenger and driver satisfaction. XCOM Electronics offers a unique set of products, skills and services, which can help to achieve the goals of lively companies. We specializes tracking and deployment technology using our unique hardware, mobile data communications systems, automatic voice generation systems and integration skills for total fleet management and personal tracking services.
          Mobile Communications Terminal (MCT).

» Ticketing System

XCOM Electronics is a regional supplier of Automated Fare Collection (AFC) products and systems for all modes of transport utilizing all types of technology including paper, magnetic stripe and contact less or dual interface(contact/contact less) smart cards. The Company specializes in providing fully integrated systems for transit operators, from backend processing to depot computer software, to on-vehicle or on-station equipment.

The Company's scope of expertise in AFC includes supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and total outsourcing services. XCOM Electronics has extensive experience in AFC from single mode, magnetic stripe based systems to fully integrated smart card systems. We are able to provide a total turnkey solution for transit operators fare collection requirements. By working with the transit operators, the Company aims to assist them in lowering operating costs and improving revenue.
          Fixed Ticketing.

» Passenger Information System (PIS)

XCOM Electronics is also engaged in supply, installation and maintenance of Electronic Display Systems – Passenger Information Systems to accommodate regional requirements. As a sole distributor of Hanover products, Dubai Technologies can provide a complete range of Destination Displays to provide solutions for all types of public transport vehicles. Through a combination of the latest technology, sealed aluminium cases, no mechanical components, the displays have been made highly reliable and are now covered by a life-time guarantee. As well as flip-dot displays, XCOM Electronics provides a variety of other passenger information systems, such as interior LED signs and vehicle location systems. Electronic Displays always helps the public transport by providing right information for passengers and also enhance the quality and image of Public Transport companies. Destination names route numbers and vehicle location information are available at finger tips in a bus.
          Passenger Information Displays.

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